The Giants Muscle Bible E-Book

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Teaching you the ways to unlock giant gains.

Written by IFBB Pro Jamie Christian


This ebook was designed for beginner-intermediate level bodybuilders wanting to learn the fundamentals and key aspects of building new muscle tissue in the fastest amount of time possible.
I make sure to cover anything I deem essential in your quest to building more muscle and promise you will learn so much in these 36 pages of insightful and physique changing knowledge bombs.
In brief I cover:
– understanding macros and how to build your own diet for off season and cutting 
– sample diet written out for training and rest day 
– full 2 rotation push pull legs training program
– how to log book
– progressive overload
– optimal sleep
– rest and recovery
– supplementation 
– stress management 
And much more finer details to help become a better you, FAST!
This will also apply to guys and girls who have many years training experience but feel they lack the progress they deserve and feel they may be going in circles. I assure you that reading this will reaffirm what you already know whilst learning how to implement positive changes to your routines in real time.
I hope you enjoy gaining.
Kind regards,
The Giant.

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